What does it take to think like an entrepreneur? By Robert Trosten

While entrepreneurship is not an inborn quality, it does demand a unique set of characteristics to become a successful one. It tends to be a different path for everyone because no two people can walk the same road or place. Robert Trosten believe that anyone ready to deal with uncertainty can be apt for this. Even though it sounds logical, you cannot start a business purely based on this. Unpredictable circumstances can lead to any result, which can be failure also in most cases. Then, it always comes at a cost, creating a burden on an entrepreneur. That’s why it becomes essential to avoid it as much as possible.

Robert Trosten: Understanding the entrepreneurs and their values

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

Real entrepreneurs know the true essence of uncertainty. Even the most successful of them tasted victory the difficult way through experiences. Those who got its meaning understand that their gut feeling sometimes happens to be the best guide. They don’t preoccupy themselves with the thoughts of uncertainty; however, they accept it. Like someone putting in 10,000 hours of hard work, they also know that they need to endure it day and night while keeping an eye on the goal, says Robert Trosten. In this journey, three components help them.


Entrepreneurs accept uncertainty as they realize that only this can help them pull off things differently to bring about a value that no one else may have achieved. It is not about doing the same thing as others do. You have to be different. You need to find solutions, focus on them and deliver value.

The truth about the value

It can be a subjective thing as everyone tends to have their definition of it. An entrepreneur doesn’t think about value as such. You need to figure out a solution for your clients and customers and solve their problems. It automatically becomes a value addition. It would be best if you focused on solutions instead of wondering what you can offer better.


Whether you belong to a B2B or B2C line of business, you cannot avoid the value of having a customer. If you run a store or food outlet, you directly deal with them. So there is no debate about this. You cannot get conversions if customers don’t like your offers. Similarly, in the B2B universe, you cannot expect success if the end customers don’t approve of your products or services. If they don’t endorse your offerings, you will not get sustainable profits.

Experts believe that a successful entrepreneur thinks of four parts – value potential, value delivery, value capture, and value agility. The journey includes understanding customer’s needs, helping them choose your product or service, tapping into demand and supply, and adapting to the constantly changing customer needs competitively.

Essentially, if you want to begin your entrepreneurial journey, you must know there will be uncertainties. However, your focus should be on solving problems and your customer demands. When you show agility and readiness in these aspects, you cover a larger risk thrown by uncertain situations.