Stress management during Covid19 – Tips from Robert Trosten

Having your own ways to reduce stress during Covid19 is the best way. To keep it under control and combat the pandemic better, explains Robert Trosten. Forgetting our regular routines that allowed living a free life is one of the leading causes of mental stress. Which compounds many more times as nobody knows how long the restrictive measures would continue. The World Health Organization is repeatedly warning people not to let their guards. Down as the pandemic, though less widespread, is making a comeback in various countries. It means that the disruptions to our lives resulting from the authorities’ multiple restrictions. To combat the pandemic effectively will continue, and so all the mental stress that results from it.

The need of the hour is to recognize several elements in the environment that trigger stress. And develop a strategy to combat it effectively. It consists of creating a positive outlook about the existing situation through careful analysis of information and then devising ways to deal with various situations to mitigate stress.

Cut down media consumption drastically – advice from Robert Trosten

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

Since there is a continuous deluge of information and news about the pandemic, most people feel submerged in a sea of information, unable to sort out the ones that are relevant and reliable. All kinds of information are flowing from all directions. And most of these unreliable, fake, and sensational, which can misguide people and put them into more problems. Inability to handle information effectively leads to more confusion which only multiplies stress.

Insulate yourself from information overload by limiting exposure and consume information only from reliable and authentic sources during some fixed time of the day. Do not get carried away by everything that you hear or see but apply your mind to understand how it will affect you, if at all.

Control what you can

Instead of looking around, focus on what is happening at your home. So that you can do your bit to control things about which you have a say. Engage the family members in different household activities. Involve them in some deep cleaning and activities of de-cluttering the home.  Do some outdoor cleaning and sort through family clothing inventory. To discard some long unused or never to use items that you can donate for charity. Clean the outdoors as well as the garden and lawn.

Get close to nature

Regardless of the season, miss no opportunity to connect closely with nature. Sit on your patio or deck or walk on the lawn while paying attention to little things that you usually did not have time for. Take your kids and play some games in the backyard while you enjoy your time under the sky. It will significantly relieve the mental stress of staying confined at home.

Even if your best efforts do not seem enough to keep your stress under control. Ask for help from experts who are now available online. A lot of psychological counseling and assistance is available to support people deal with their stress more effectively.