Robert Trosten on Top Tips for Entrepreneurs to Make a Solid Start

Do you dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur and be your boss? If so, you need to make a solid start because not all have what it takes to kick-start their company. Then, that does not imply that you cannot learn how to operate a thriving business and overcome the hurdles that stare you at your face. It feels great when you have no one above you to tell you how to do your job. That’s the challenge and excitement of entrepreneurship. You are confident enough to make your decisions that help in the growth of your business over the years. In other words, you learn much about entrepreneurial skills on the way, which is good.

According to an article published on, Jackie Fast, who is a successful entrepreneur says that determining what motivatesa businessperson is one of the ways to become an accomplished entrepreneur. So let us read about some of the ways to help you make a solid start as an entrepreneur.

Robert Trosten on brainstorming ideas

There is no point in starting your company just because it helps you make money. You need to feel confident about making your venture successful. One way is setting up a business that sells the products or services that you love. In simple words, you should have a passion for business and love what you do.

You need to have some business ideas. If you cannot figure out, take some time out of your busy schedule and research. Take a paper and pen to write down the possible ideas for your new business. You can research the business types that suit your preference, something that you will like doing, and a logical idea that is doable. Once you prepare a list, choose the best idea from it. You can take help from your family members or friends who have been in business for some time if that option is available. Brainstorming helps and you will benefit. All you need to do is trying it.

Successful entrepreneurship is about following your passion. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. Say, for instance, you like gardening. Then, open a business selling plants and gardening tools for homeowners with the same hobby. Again, if you love cooking, you can start a food delivery business or start a small bistro. Later on, you can grow and expand. If you love fancy bags, perfumes, and jewelry, start a boutique. There are ideas abound; all you need to do is identify the right one that works for your business.

Do you have the fire in your belly?

You know that not all have the zeal to take up challenges when it comes to starting a business. You need to have good business sense. Yes, you should have the fire in your belly to achieve something that seems impossible to others.

Dedication, excellent communication skills, discipline, integrity, self-confidence, and humility are the key personality traits of a successful business owner. Without these qualities, you cannot make your mark. Arrogance is something that you must do away with if you do not want to lose your customers.

According to Robert Trosten, you need to have a ‘go-getter’ attitude, which is one of the key aspects of successful entrepreneurship. Then, you need to have some people working under you to manage business operations. Make sure that you hire a talent pool of employees with the right skill sets. You need to feel self-confident that you will achieve something even if there are numerous challenges before you.

Robert Trosten recommends choosing a strategic business site

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

When you are planning to set up a bistro or for that matter a boutique, business location plays a very crucial role in the success or failure of entrepreneurship. Opt for a site that has demand or opportunities for sales, competition, and most essentially, a strategic location that is easily accessible by your potential customers.

You will need to find your customers who are looking for your products or services. Again, research the possible locations and learn which parts of your city have demand for your products or services. Take your time and there is no need to rush into the process.

Places near colleges, offices, and shopping malls are some of the best choices if you are offering food-delivering services. People will look for healthy, affordable food for lunch. Again, if you sell stationery items, locations near offices would suit your business needs. Again, if you are into a car hiring business, places near schools and offices are your best bet. There will be demand. All you need to do is use some common sense when looking for business locations. Try this tip and you will benefit.

Listen to your investors carefully

Once you find professional investors, they serve as your support system. Then, you need to listen to their advice and suggestions. You cannot make all decisions on your own, and therefore, you need to collaborate with like-minded people who will help you to make the right investments to grow your business.

Look for investors who have experience in your kind of business because they will share best practices and ideas to take your venture to the next level. In this age of stiff competition, you need to diversify your business and not just stick to the same products or services.

There are other support systems such as Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization and Small Business Administration providing numerous resources to guide you in each step of your entrepreneurship journey. Do not shy away from being involved, getting in touch, and educating yourself usingdifferent useful tools.


The entrepreneurship journey is not a bed of roses. It has bumpy roads and challenges, but whenever you feel that things are getting difficult, keep in mind what made you start a business in the first place. What motivated you? You need to remember all the positive aspects of entrepreneurship instead of mulling over the negative sides. Look at the bigger picture and the brighter side of things. It will help you. Moreover, you have these ideas to make a solid start.