Robert Trosten on Five Business Ideas for Youngsters out of College

You are just out of college and have an entrepreneurial spirit. You may be into a 9-5 job but want to become self-employed and be your boss in the future, if not immediately. Sounds great, huh? These days, the rate of unemployment is high, not only in the US but also around the world. Then, there are opportunities too for youngsters to start an online business and ensure hourly pay. When you aspire to become a business owner, you need to have some ideas to kick-start a venture. If you do not know what products to sell, how could you expect to start a business?

According to an article published on, you need to have some solid business ideas that are practical and feasible. First, you need to brainstorm, make a list of the possible ideas, target audiences, as well as pricing models. With opportunities existing even in this age of recession, here are some of the business ideas for college graduates.

1. Robert Trosten recommends starting a pet grooming store

The key service for a dog or cat-grooming venture is essentially cleaning and grooming. Then, these days, you will also find arising market for thingslike facials, shampoo, nail clipping, and other pet caresolutions for dog parents. A couple of pet grooming businesses mull over on a specificbreed of dogor decide to groom only golden retrievers, while others may opt for grooming for all kinds of pets including dogs and kittens.

Next, you will need a rock-solidand clear plan for your pet grooming store online. It would help you to work out the particulars ofthis business and figure out the things that you do not know. A couple of these aspects include the cost to set up the store and the future expenses, your targeted audience, how much time you require to break even, when do you expect to earn profits, and things like that.

The ongoing expenses of a pet grooming store are little, especially if you operate the business from the comfort of your home. All you need to do is procure the pet grooming products such as shampoos, conditioners, safety products, and minor pet grooming equipment. All these items will cost you approximately $100 or even less every month.

Besides, there are some additional expenses such as advertising for your online store and know what, you will only have to spend five percent or less of your estimated yearly profits. Once your business is established, much of your clients will come from social media promotions, referrals, and good networking within the community, especially pet parents.

2. Become a sales consultant online

These days, youngsters out of college are digital natives and they know exactly the ins-and-outs of selling stuff online or buying them. They have done such things themselves when they sold books, old CDs, and stuff like that on the internet. Therefore, if you are just out of college, open a sales support venture. You will find numerous apps to sell products on the web, including tools like Thredup, Poshmark, as well as Mercari. You can sell your products as well as those of others. Robert Trosten insists you do research on more of these apps and pick the best one that suits your needs.

You can choose to take a flat fee, a percentage, or for that matter the combination of a fee and a proportion. Then, make certain that you receive the reimbursement for the effort, skill, and time you have invested in this business. Your key tasks will be taking pictures, designing a sales post, writing the ad copy, and communicating with potential customers, no matter how the sale progresses. You can display the ads near a plush apartment, shopping plazas, and condo complexes, offering your sales services to dealers associated with secondhand products.

3. Robert Trostenrecommends you to become a photo book creator

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

There are printing platforms such asSnapfish and Vistaprintto get bookscreated in a couple of days. Then, amassing all that content in a place calls for your skill, time, and talent. If you have such abilities, you can create eye-catching books. If you have the passion for it, do so and make some cool bucks at the same time. This business calls for some creativity and imagination as well as an eye for detail. If you have the required expertise, you can start a book printing business.

Once your clients upload the images, you will need to do the job of centering, cropping, providing catchy captions, selecting backgrounds, and of course proofreading. You can start with toddler books, vacation stories, recipe books, gardening books, and things like that. You can design a website to promote your book printing business, build a portfolio page, and gather endorsements.

4. Become a packer

Did you know that numerous people relocate to new homes or move to other places in the US? Now, these people pay to the packing companies in the country. You can make the most out of this opportunity and start a packing business. Then, you need to know how to pack cutleries, appliances, dishes, books, and of course knick-knacks, especially for seniors.

Keep your clients’ belongings secure and organize all stuff in advance before they relocate. You can also provide the required packing boxes, cartons, shock-absorbing materials for an additional cost. All you need to do is print some business cards and distribute those to property dealers and truck rental firms. You can place your ads in public bulletin boards as well as apartment building entrances

5. Robert Trosten on starting an online tutoring business

Yes, you can start online tutoring classes for kids easily, like teaching children to complete their math assignments accurately and on time. If you know arithmetic, algebra, you can start this business. You can place your ads online and distribute printed ad copies near schools or display ads on bulletin boards.


Now that you have these business ideas, start a pet grooming store, become a sales consultant, or an online tutor, depending on your skill sets. Good luck!