Robert Trosten Identifies Top Small Business Apps that Could Take Your Business to the Next Level

Both small and also large businesses are always thinking in terms of improving and also streamlining their everyday operations and processes. Fortunately, in this digitalized world, businesses have easy. Access to numerous tools to assist them in delivering their responsibilities most efficiently. Right from desktop-oriented accounting software to the versatile small business management mobile apps, you would be spoilt for choice.

As per, for several startups using the apt tools would go a long way in attaining. Significant growth- the type that grabs the attention of both potential buyers and also investors. We know that larger organizations find it affordable to build custom-tailored solutions as per their unique specifications. However, small businesses are generally dependent on outside vendors. The good news is that currently, there are a host of organizations catering to the unique. Requirements of startups and small enterprises. They provide business tools that are not only effective but affordable too.Robert Trosten has come up with a list of effective small business apps and tools for boosting efficiency and productivity.

Robert Trosten Chooses the Best Small Business Apps

Apps are revolutionizing business today. They help in providing convenient data storage choices, improving accessibility, and also streamlining operations. However, apps could truly be effective provided businesses are utilizing the right app for a specific purpose. Robert Trosten identifies top small business apps for navigating smoothly the boundless sea of small business apps.

Top Accounting and Finance Apps As Recommended By Robert Trosten

Managing accounting jobs for your business is of pivotal importance and seems to be pretty complicated. Running a business entails a host of responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. Fortunately, some effective accounting apps could help in organizing and performing your fundamental bookkeeping tasks such as invoicing, payroll, expenses, and everything else.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is regarded as one of the most renowned names in the world of accounting software. It is robust, simple, all-pervasive, and also powerful. Right from payroll to accounting, inventory management, and profit analysis, QuickBooks rises to the occasion every time. QuickBooks boasts of price point and a version that should be catering to your precise needs. QuickBooks app is supposed to be one of the most versatile and well-known small business apps presently available on the impressive Apple App Store. Thanks to the reputed QuickBooks accounting app today, businesses could easily come up with invoices, keep tracking miles, and manage expenses, and even more.  


Expensify is great for organizing a business’s finances. It is useful for scanning receipts. And also processing employee expenses even on the go if you are having an Android smartphone or an iPhone. Moreover, Expensify could seamlessly integrate with Xero, QuickBooks, and a host of other well-known small business apps.


Wave is a free accounting app for small businesses in the truest sense. It allows. You to leverage its online-based platform, mobile receipts app, and even mobile invoicing app without paying. A single penny as subscription fees. Wave is just right for startups and also small businesses. The versatile Wave accounting app provides payments. And even payroll paid add-ons for giving you the golden opportunity. To effectively extend your functionality very much within one single application.  

Robert Trosten Identifies the Best Small Business Apps Meant for Managing Inventory

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

A product-based company could utilize an effective inventory management app for helping them. In tracking their stock, making purchase orders, and also making sure that their sales process is smooth right from start to finish. Here are two best inventory management software solutions for your small business.               

SOS Inventory

SOS Inventory has been designed precisely for making inventory tracking, manufacturing, and also order management a lot easier. We know that SOS Inventory is great for integrating with Shopify. And QuickBooks and could be implemented on mobile, desktop, and even a tablet. Thanks to this amazing application. You can manage inventory seamlessly across multiple business locations, track all your items. As per the number of diverse attributes such as cost history & serial number. Moreover, SOS Inventory is just right for creating packing slips, and tickets, etc.


With Delivrd, you have free access to an online inventory management software system or app for free. Delivrd could be used for creating a product catalog, counting, receiving. And also even issuing a stock, enabling stock level alerts and even accessing your complete inventory transaction history.

Best Small Business Apps for POS and Payments

If you are a contracted photographer or a fast food joint, it is essential to use a payment app for ensuring that you would be getting paid promptly. Moreover, all your customers could pay in whichever way they desire to. Here are the best two flexible payment platforms.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here is a brilliant point of sale app for businesses. We know that PayPal Here could be processing credit cards, invoices, and also even checks on your smartphone. PayPal Here offers more expansive characteristics and attributes such as inventory, as well as, effective order management. PayPal Here provides the simplest and easiest way of accepting all your payments straight away from your phone.

Robert Trosten Presents the Best Small Business Application for Communication

Whether you require talking with clients or your other team members, a robust communication app could help in facilitating that process. These productivity tools would surely come with certain extra features such as video meeting capabilities, group organization options, etc. 

Skype & Microsoft Teams

Skype is a popular and also well-known video and chatting app for small businesses. With Skype, you have the liberty of sending texts, sharing files, displaying your screen to other people, and you could have a chat with 25 participants. Microsoft Teams has come as a replacement for Skype for Business and it allows access to certain fundamental features within even the free version and comes with greater capabilities for paid plans.

Robert Trosten Recommends the Best Small Business App for Effective Customer Relationship Management

It could be quite dicey to manage all your customer relationships particularly. For smaller businesses that have limited funding and also restricted resources. You could use one of the amazing customer relationship management or CRM software systems or apps.


Salesforce is certainly one of the most reputed among CRM platforms and also is very popular. With both big and small businesses alike across the globe. We know that the Salesforce platform. Helps you in tracking and managing customer profiles, developing individualized marketing plans, responding to customer issues, etc.  


If you are thinking of boosting productivity and organization, you may choose one or more of the above-discussed small business app for making your life a lot easier as an entrepreneur.