Money is not always necessary to start a business – Robert Trosten shows how to do it

If you are an entrepreneur at heart, your mind will be overflowing with business ideas, and you always dream about start some business. Despite knowing that the entrepreneurial journey is full of challenges, some known and many of them unknown, the desire to start a business is so intense that you would dare to take up the challenges and go ahead in your venture that is so close to your heart.   Only sometimes, lack of clarity of ideas might be creating hindrances.

But according to Robert Trosten, the biggest hindrance that stops entrepreneurs on their track is the thought that it takes money to start a business – what they do not have.  But this is an ill-conceived notion because there are various sources of fundraising options like loans, grants, crowdfunding, etc. that should give you the money that you need.

What it takes to start a business will be clear from this article.

Business plan – The Robert Trosten way

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

Since you have a clear idea about what business you want to start and how it should play out, you must sit down and write a business plan. That includes a financial model. It will consist of all relevant information that helps to understand the goals and how to achieve them. It so that it leads to a profitable outcome. As you know your business the best, writing the plan should not be difficult.

Business license

Regardless of what kind of ownership of business you want to create, whether proprietorship, partnership, LLC, or corporation. You must obtain a license for it that involves some paperwork. And some money depending on the type of business and the holding pattern. Taking help from Small Busines Administration (SBA) will make the task easy as you can have quick. Access to extensive resources that will help figure out the ways and means of obtaining the license.

Domain name

Irrespective of the type and size of the business, you must create an online identity. Depending on your product’s viability, you can make it either an elaborate exercise or take a bare-bones approach to launch the business online. To define the brand at the start, you need a catchy brand name, and you might get one by spending as little as $10.


It is easy to build a website for free by using some website builders like WordPress. The process is fast and intuitive, and you can select a theme that matches your business and get going. You will be surprised at how little time it takes to create your first website.


Marketing is not any more expensive because if you are ready to invest time, you can even launch a free campaign. Take to SEO, social media marketing, or content marketing to help your business and brand gain quick recognition.

Finally, when it comes to equipment and products, you can start many businesses. That neither requires any office set up nor products and does away with the need for money. If you are a content creator or sell your personal creations, you can start operating from your home only.