Health and wellness tips from Robert Trosten that can help to stay fit during Covid19

With the coronavirus showing no signs of going away anytime soon, communities and individuals must keep practicing the protective measures while taking proper care of their health. The efforts in staying protected from Covid19 by practicing physical distancing, home isolation, and maintaining a high standard of hygiene will only be meaningful. We can take good care of our body and mind to stay healthy and improve immunity, observes Robert Trosten.

To take care of our health and wellness when we spend long hours at home, either working from home or attending online classes, we must establish new practices and routines to support healthy living. The various restrictive measures have ushered a new kind of lifestyle to learn, work, socialize, and even how we take care of ourselves have all changed. We are doing now is like learning again about how to live our lives that are entirely different from how we used to live

. Due to the changes and shifts in our lives and the uncertain future, our lives have become too stressful, leading to anxiety as we often feel helpless. Here are some suggestions to maintaining your health and wellness without allowing the adversities to get the better of you.

Robert Trosten advises to stay connected

Robert Trosten
Robert Trosten

You might feel as if you are the only one going through all the sufferings while others can cope with it better. It is similar to how you would feel when marooned. However, the truth is on the contrary. Everyone is going through the grind in their ways, and you are not alone. As loneliness builds up stress, stay connected with people you are interested in, like your colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.  Share your experiences with others that help to hear from others about their experiences that will help you realize that the problems affect one and all. It will rid you of the stress of being the lone sufferer.

Create and follow a routine

The sudden disruption of normal life has created a void. And the sudden freedom from an ordinarily busy life might tempt you to enjoy the freedom and relax while adjusting to the new schedule.  However, this can soon drive you towards a sedentary lifestyle that lacks motivation. And spending your day aimlessly will only frustrate you after some time. To stay motivated, create a routine by considering the new normal and follow it sincerely so that you feel like having done something meaningful at the end of the day.

Exercise daily

Staying physically fit will help to maintain the right frame of mind that keeps you cheerful. Start exercising at home with some simple stretching and other aerobic exercises that neither require accessories nor much space.  Choose your exercises by consulting some online resources that are available in plenty.

Ensure that you have a good sleep for 7-9 hours every night.  It will relieve your body and mind from all stress. And you can start the day with fresh energy to take the odds in your stride and go ahead to accomplish your goals.